Derian: Worried

Julian had been stressing ever since he had gotten the text from Danny’s phone.  Derek had offered very little information.  Julian had no idea how, where, or why Derek had been mugged.  Derek could generally look after himself, so Julian wasn’t sure what had happened.  He rushed out the door shortly after he’d gotten the text, hailing a cab to Derek’s house.  It figured that this would happen right after he moved out.  He threw a $100 bill at the cab driver, muttering, “Keep the change,” as he exited the car, hurrying to Derek’s apartment, rapping on the door.

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    "Sounds great, let’s do that," Julian smiled. He told the cab driver and proceeded to relax, pulling his friend closer...
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    Derek nodded. “The best is FOA Schwartz. They have the best toys. The place is a giant playground. Let’s go there?”
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