Derian: Missing Kay

Julian looked down at his phone, sighing.  Writing Sebastian a quick note to let him know where he’d be, he got his things together, sliding on a coat.  Not entirely sure that he should condone Derek drinking anymore, he grabbed a six pack of beer, deciding that he would see how bad off Derek was and decide from there whether he would let him have any more.  He called a cab, tipping him and getting out.  He walked up to Derek’s apartment, knocking on the door.  “Der, it’s me,” he called, waiting on his friend to answer the door.

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    Julian giggled softly. “Unless you were planning on me carrying you Der,” he grinned. “I think you can manage it. You’re...
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    "Mmm. If you say so." Derek nodded slowly in agreement. "I have to stand up?" Derek nuzzled Julian more."
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